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How To Look Good In A Hat: Stetson Explainer Video

Project Type

Motion Design | After Effects | Illustrator
*I am the creator of all showcased illustrations.*

The creative brief given was to create an explainer animation video which would be shown to Stetson, a well known hat company specializing in classic western styles. The brief stated that Stetson wanted to display their different styles of hats. In order to do this, I began brainstorming and creating storyboards of what the most successful way would be to portray this idea.
Off the bat, the idea of body positivity filled my mind. There's this social media trend saying that "in order to have a bikini body for the summer, all you have to do is have a body, and put on a bikini." I wanted to play off this idea that all you have to do to look good in a hat, is to have a head, and then wear it.. and thats how my idea was formed. The process I would be explaining in my animation was "How to look good in a hat".

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