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New Here

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UI / UX | Illustrator | Invision

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The creative brief given was to create a self authorship project that represents who you are as a designer. As my senior year in college was coming to an end, I started thinking about my last four years and what would have helped me ease into the college experience. I went into this project thinking of the reoccurring problem I had moving to a new area my freshman year, and what my solution after living through it for four years turned out to be - and thats how New Here was created.

Elevator Pitch:
New Here is targeted towards first year and transfer students at a university who are bored or feel disconnected due to not knowing the area / what there is to do. New Here is a community app based on your university that makes it easier to learn about the surrounding areas and activities through other students who currently attend or have graduated from their individual university. With New Here, students are able to quickly learn all the favorite hangout spots that current students love and alumni come back to visit.

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